Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jude Julius another victim of Pakistan's blasphemy law

From The British Pakistani Christian Associtation:

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 08:36 AM PST

 We have received this personal account of a blasphemy law attack and post it prima facie:

 I am Jude Julius and am born in a catholic christian family in Karachi Pakistan, and now along with my friend (Brian Nadeem) who tried to help me are charged 

under a false blasphemy case on accusation of burning pages of Holy Quran without any investigation of high ranking police officer on January 19, 2011, in Korangi Industrial Area 

Karachi province of Sindh Pakistan,

I Jude Julius aged 32, was a factory worker, I was working at Usmania Paper Mill PLOT NO 32 SECTOR 27 KORANGI INDUSTRIAL AREA, Karachi in packing department,  

with other Muslims in paper factory to finish packing, after finishing work my supervisor  asked me to collect the trash and set it on fire you are well aware that Muslims feel 

ashamed to touch any sort of trash or garbage  and leave such jobs on us Christians to do ,that’s why I was forced to collect trash and clean the workplace, 

when I was burning papers and hardboards the factory owner Mohammad Qudus arrived and saw some pages in Arabic language were in fire, Mohammad Qudus instead of 
blaming other Muslim laborers accused me of defiling Holy Quran and started beating me my other Muslim workers also joined Mohammad Qudus on beating me and started 
shouting that Jude is a blasphemer on which other Muslim laborers came out of the factory and attacked me, I begged  that I never realized what I was burning but they were not
ready to know or  investigate that what other Muslim workers were doing at that time and why they did not took out pages of Holy Quran from trash,but some how I managed to 
escape the angry Muslim mob,but  could not return back to home as I was aware that they will torture or may be even kill me,so I went to one of my christian friend Brian Nadeems 
home in Korangi Industrial Area but one of the muslim worker knew about my friends home so the very next day they came to the area where I was hiding in my friends home,
and then gathered the Imam & other Muslim of the area and started shouting that a Christian has committed act of blasphemy by intentionally burning pages of Holy Quran and is 
hiding in his friend Brians home and then Muslims of the area gathered they entered my friends home and beat me and rahil almost to death his family tried to help but they were helpless 
in front of them his family kept  asking why are you beating them ? they were shouting that they I and my friend  is also a blashmer because he tried to protect a blashmer,  
when the area police was going to arrive they they left us tortured and bloodied Brians family took both of us to the near by hospital they broke my right leg and hurt my eye,
and Brians both hands and left leg is broken,and then in the evening Brians father came to the hospital and informed us that that he fears that the Muslims of the area are very furious and 

that he has heard that they are coming again towards to the hospital to attack us but somehow both of us managed to leave the hospital and save our lives,and then with the help of a 
local priest we contacted human rights organization and after investigating the case they came to know that my elder brother Mr. Trevor Clive and his family are also facing a Blasphemy 
case against them in Pakistan due to which they had to flee from Pakistan to save their lives and they are also wanted by police in a Blasphemy case against them and now on pressure 
of the factory owner angry Muslims of the area and relatives of factory owner have announced Fatwa against us and they have also registered a false Blasphemy case against us in 
police station of Korangi Industrial area Sindh Karachi and we fear that if we are arrested or produced before city Magistrate for police remand we will face anger of Muslims 
and assault in courthouse or even be killed as there have been many broad daylight incidents of murder  in Pakistan with Christians accused of Blasphemy, now we are 

hiding in the premises of a church but now the priest is being transferred to another city so he says its difficult for us to stay here, also the human rights organizaton are trying to 

help us to leave Pakistan as we cant stay in this country anymore so please pray for us.

please remember us in prayers it is the only way we can be saved.

Live in peace

Jude Julius 

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