Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Denmark: More Muslim violence against non-Muslims

From Jihad Watch;

Denmark: More Muslim violence against non-Muslims
Recently a Danish cop broke the taboo and said what many already know: Immigrant criminals target Danes to make them move out of (Muslim) area. As a follow-up, I will here publish a few statements made by a Christian priest, a Danish police officer and a council chairman that confirm this observation:

Translated from Kristeligt Dagblad, January 12, 2011: Christian priest fleeing harassment in Vollsmose

The Iranian-born leader of the Free Church "Church of Love," Massoud Fouroozandeh has moved out of the Odense district Vollsmose with his family to a small town at a secret location. This happens after the family has had two cars smashed because a Christian cross was hanging inside them.
"I was told by young people in Vollsmose that I should not drive into the area with the cross hanging in the car. Then our car was smashed and burned and the seats cut up. Since then the side windows in our new car was smashed three times," he says.

After the vandalism Fouroozandeh Massoud and his wife dare no longer let their children play on the playground in Vollsmose.

"They do not wear a headscarf, which 99 percent of the other children do, so they attracted too much attention, and it was not safe to send them out to play. So we moved very far away from Vollsmose," he says.

Translated from the official Danish Police magazine Dansk Politi, September 1, 2009: It was only a question of time:

Kim Thyssen was one of the two policemen who were shot at in Vollsmose in August. He has worked in the area for ten years and he is not surprised that there has been shooting at police. ...
"They have an extreme hatred towards authority. Moreover, there is also racism here, and it has become more pronounced in recent years. The Danes have a very difficult time here. Their children can not play in the sandbox, it's Danish cars that are set on fire, it is the Danish population's apartments that are broken into, it is the Danes that are shot at with air rifles, and it is the Danes who are exposed to street robberies."...

"We are often called racists, but that's how they look at everyone who enforce the law," says Kim Thyssen.

Translated from Fyens Stiftstidende, October 8, 2010: Violence against Danes in Vollsmose

According to Ra Ranunkel, Chairman of the Cooperation Council in Vollsmose, the situation in Vollsmose is tense and there is racism against the Danes living in the district. ...
"Ethnic conflict is about to be started," he warns. "It is the Danes who are victims of violent assault and it is the Danes' cars that are torched. It's gangs of mainly Palestinian and Somali background who are behind the attacks."...

According to Ra Ranunkel, it is a hardcore gang of Somalis who target their assaults against Danes. And it is mainly Palestinians who burn the Danes' cars ...

"An ethnic conflict, a racial conflict is breaking out, and it's scary," says Ra Ranunkel.

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