Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iran arrests ten more Christians from "house church"

From Jihad Watch:

Iran arrests ten more Christians from "house church"
Once again, their attempt at showing who's boss is ultimately a display of weakness. There have been other recent actions against house churches, and if this is the "national security threat" they need to distract themselves with while committing economic suicide over their nuclear program, that speaks volumes. Of course, the "security" angle is ultimately a pretense for enforcing Sharia's own denial of freedom of conscience; apostasy from Islam is a "security" crime against Sharia.

In either case, the mighty Islamic Republic shows itself to be insecure and unstable in its reaction to ten people praying in a private home. "Ten Iranian Christians arrested at a prayer meeting," from Asia News, February 10:

Tehran (AsiaNews/Agencies) – More Christians are arrested in Iran. On Wednesday, plainclothes agents raided a house and arrested 10 people who had gathered for prayer service. All 10 detainees were transferred to an unknown location. The authorities refused to give the families any information in this regard.
Although precise details are still not available, Mohabat News reported that a man called Mojtaba Hosseini, 23, was among the people arrested. He had been arrested on 11 May 2008 with eight other people on charges of converting to Christianity. Security officials had asked him to renounce his faith and collaborate with the Intelligence office.

Mohabat News notes that the latest incident is part of a crackdown against Iran’s tiny Christian community. Converts are especially targeted.

The authorities have also forcibly closed churches where services are held in Persian (Farsi), Iran’s national language. In other churches, the Intelligence Ministry imposed the requirement of keeping out Farsi-speaking people

For this reason, Christian converts are forced to meet in small numbers in private homes. For the authorities, they are tools and spies for the West.
As we have jokingly suggested for other such cases, someone should also leak the information to the Iranians that a man of Jewish background has entered the country and has a habit of joining in "wherever two or three are gathered" in such settings. The headlines, again, would be priceless: "Ayatollahs desperate to find Jesus."

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