Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Christian Martyrs by Gustave Dore

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Muslims harass Christian services with massive sound system (video)

From Creeping Sharia:

Muslims harass Christian services with massive sound system (video)

One of many examples of Islamic intolerance around the world. h/t bp
In a country that proudly boasts Unity of Diversity on its coat of arms, all citizens have the same duties and are granted the same rights without discrimination. For Christians in Bekasi, East of Jakarta, however, the slogan is an empty pledge as they are forced to face endless attacks and protests from local residents embracing the majority religion, over their religious activities and attempts to build a church. The Jakarta Post’s Hasyim Widhiarto tries to dig deeper into the matter and expands on it in this report.
Pretty Panjaitan, who is five-months pregnant and a member of a Protestan church in North Tambun, Bekasi, vividly remembers the day when she attended the most heart pounding Sunday service in her life last month.
“We were about to start the service when hundreds of local residents dressed in white gathered in front of our church — still under construction — and began shouting,” the 38-year-old pharmacist told The Jakarta Post on Monday. “Although police officers were able to stop them from entering our church area, I was still very scared knowing that it was impossible for a pregnant woman like me to quickly run away should violence suddenly break out.”
For nearly 10 years, Pretty and other members of the Filadelfia Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) church have held services at each other homes. In 2007, they finally collected enough money to purchase a 1,000-square-meter plot of land in Jejalen Jaya subdistrict to build their church.
The congregation, however, never started the construction of the church as their building permit requests to the Bekasi Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB) and Bekasi regent remained unanswered for more than a year.
In October 2009, after securing permission from Jejalen Jaya subdistrict head to hold services on their empty land, they built an 8-by-10-meter semi-permanent building to store items such as tables and chairs.
The congregation’s activities on the land, however, were met by massive protests from local residents who claimed that the congregation had no right to practice any rituals until they could obtain a building permit.
The residents, organized by the so-called Muslim Communication Forum (FKUI), then ran a series of protests each time the congregation held their Sunday services.
The forum, led by local clerics, also blamed their subdistrict head for prematurely issuing clearance for the congregation to use the land, saying the clearance was “a betrayal of the Muslim majority in the subdistrict”.
In the largest rally on Jan. 10, the group’s request to the congregation was emphatic: “Leave our subdistrict and find land somewhere else to build your church.”
U.S. media drone on about Muslims who bend and break zoning laws in the U.S. to infiltrate residential neighborhoods, filing lawsuits with full backing from the DOJ. They ignore reality and the abundant persecution of non-Muslims by Muslims worldwide.

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